At the Movies…

Its sad to see that the long running At the Movies (formerly Siskle and Ebert) leave the air waves which probably never recovered after numerous hosting changes and even with the great final choices of A O Scott and Michael Phillips. However that doesn’t mean you have to miss these two audio gems:
The first being the Fresh Air episode that digs deep in the archives from an interview with both Siskel and Ebert in Chicago from 1996, its both great to hear two people who are deeply interested in breaking down a subject matter in a sort of analytical and enthusiastic manner, as well as being able to hear Gene Siskel again. There’s also a small part where Ebert describes his love for Raging Bull that is also quite good.

The second is this weeks Fimspotting where Chicago film critic Michael Philips (former host of At the Movies) guest hosts with regular Adam Kempenaar. I choose this episode not only because of the connection to “At the Movies” but also because you get to hear Michael Phillips, talk about he thinks to be one of the great movies of 2010, Animal Kingdom. Another plus of episode is hearing Phillips recite lines in the massacre theatre segment of the show (in which the host of the show massacre a beloved piece of cinema and the audience gets a chance to win a dvd of their choice), which is to be honest a big reason to listen. Filmspotting is an excellent movie podcast and for that alone its worth listening to but inclusion of Phillips reciting lines from a mystery movie makes it even more compelling.


5 thoughts on “At the Movies…”

  1. It’s strange how you figure somethings would always be there – even as a non-American I kinda took that for granted. But then again Ireland’s never had an “essential” film show.

  2. I’m also sad to see what was left of the Siskel and Ebert show come to a close. I read an interview with Ebert where they told him they were getting rid of the balcony set and that he could come by and view it one last time before they tore it up. On his way into the sound stage, the entire set is already in the alleyway, completely decimated. So he never got to see it again. 😦

    1. Ya I remember reading about that in the esquire article which along with that opera interview really seemed to sort of canonize Ebert.

  3. Watching the last episode was a sad moment for me. I’m looking forward to how Ebert handles his “reboot,” but a big part of me wanted them to just hang on to the same old routine. Two good critics talking about movies just doesn’t get old for me.

  4. I can’t understand why people talk about the end of “At The Movies” as if it still has anything to do with S&E. S&E ended when Siskel died. Period. While Ebert kept it going for a while and eventually brought in Roeper as new perm co-host, even that era ended with Ebert’s surgery, and then eventually even Roeper left. Just because a show continued to be called “At The Movies” doesn’t mean it was the same show. Technically, S&E started at PBS as “Sneak Previews.” When they jumped to the Tribune with “At The Movies,” “Sneak Previews” continued with Jeff Lyons and someone else. When that incarnation ended, no one acted like it was the end of the S&E show.

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