Music Facts!


I was tagged by Dan, and I think he resembles an Ewok.


1. Open up iTunes and hit shuffle, what is the song that plays?

    “Hot Girls in Good Moods” by Butch Walker

2. Name your top five bands/musicians of all time.

  1. Pink Floyd/Roger Waters
  2. Dean Martin
  3. Kris Kristofferson
  4. Yo Yo Ma
  5. TIE: Frank Zappa/Leonard Cohen

    You may think that’s a joke, but it’s not.

3. What was the first CD to own?

    “Abbey Road”

4. Of all the bands/artists in your cd/record collection, which one do you own the most of?

    Pink Floyd

5. What was the last song you listened to?

    “Forever Young” by Bob Dylan

6. What song would you say sums you up?

    “What’s Up?” by 4 Non Blond

7. What’s your favorite local band or band that originated from your hometown?

    Don’t know any local bands, and REO Speedwagon is from a local community.

8. What’s the greatest concert you’ve ever been to?

    Roger Waters Live at the United Center on his Dark Side of the Moon tour.

9. What musician would you like to hang out with for a day?

    I’d love to hang out with Waters, but I think that would be insanely intense. A coin flip between Waters and Kristofferson.

10. What was the greatest decade for music?


11. What is your favorite movie soundtrack?

    “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”

12. What’s the most awful CD/Record you’ve bought?

    “Delicate Sounds of Thunder” a live concert by Pink Floyd*


                *Not really Pink Floyd because it’s post Roger Waters.

13. What is your favorite band t-shirt or poster?


14. The Rolling Stones or The Beatles?

    The Beatles

15. What would you want to play at your funeral? Birthday? Romantic date?

    Funeral: “Brain Damage/Eclipse” by Pink Floyd

    Birthday: “Faith” by George Michael

    Romantic Date: “Touch Me” from the Rocky Horror Picture Show



Author: Frank Mengarelli

Everybody relax, Frank's here. After going to film school at Columbia College Chicago, Frank decided to underachieve with his vast knowledge of film into a career in civil service. Frank had a brief stint as a film blogger, and then he met the heterosexual love of his life, Nick Clement. The two instantly bonded over their love from everything to Terence Malick to THE EXPENDABLES films. Some of Frank's favorite filmmakers are Terence Malick, Martin Scorsese, Quentin Tarantino, Sylvester Stallone, Oliver Stone and Spike Lee. Some of his favorite films are THE TREE OF LIFE, STAR WARS (all of them), BAD LIEUTENANT, THE THING and ALL THAT JAZZ. Frank spends his free time with his dog Roger, collecting any Star Wars collectible he can find and trying to finish his pretentious, first person narrative novel(la), LARGE MEN IN SMALL CARS..

3 thoughts on “Music Facts!”

    1. Abbey Road – A great first album to have purchased! No matter how far I stray from them, The Beatles will always be my favourite band 🙂 Nice to see Zappa getting a mention. And finally, Rocky Horror – Great choice.

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